Sunday, 19 January 2014

In what languages are Library Genesis books?

There have been a few changes in Library Genesis. The Advanced Search feature has become more prominent and the website now puts a number to search results.

I have been playing with Advanced Search to find out what language books are the most pirated on the website. Not surprisingly, English grabs the top position. There are currently a shade less than 726,000 pirated and public domain books.

Second comes Russian. There are more than 234,000 books available in the language of Dostoevsky. Third comes German. German speakers can choose between 93,000 books.

The website claims to have over one million books. Together these three languages add up to more than that. This leaves only a tiny room for the remaining languages. 

There are less than 14,000 books in French and only 8,900 in Spanish.

A Chinese reader's choice is limited to only 1,500 books. The biggest surprise is Japanese. Japanese books number only 800.

There are six books in my native Punjabi. Korean fares no better. Hindi (100) and Urdu (200) have together 300 books available in them.