Sunday, 30 September 2012

Canjie + Mozc = a new Japanese input system

I finally figured out how to use Cangjie to type Japanese! No, it's not the best way to input Japanese. It's slow and I won't recommend it to you unless you have plenty of time in your hands and little typing to do.

NOTE: It's not as slow as it looks in the video. My screen recorder consumes so much memory that it makes every other process crawl. 

Cangjie and MOZC for Japanese

NOTEThe video quality is shabby. Blame Blogger for that! (~_^)

What I have done is no brainer. I have used two input systems - MOZC and Cangjie - simultaneously and I constantly toggle between them. A downside of this arrangement is that you are stuck if you have to type Roman characters.

I didn't do it out of laziness. I was trying to create my own ibus-table in the morning. After a couple of hours I had accomplished nothing. But, I had completely messed up my iBus so that all the input methods using tables just vanished. I had to reinstall.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Problems in General Physics

It finally arrived on Wednesday. I was in Chandigarh for an interview. Returned late that night but on Thursday morning my hands were on Irodov's book! I wasn't hoping to solve even the first problem, I solved three! I know that's not impressive. Nonetheless I am glad that I did better than I was expecting to! 

The first problem reads: 

A motorboat going downstream overcame a raft at a point A; τ = 60 min later it turned back and after some time passed the raft at a distance l = 6 km from the point A. Find the flow velocity assuming the duty of the engine to be constant. 

Here is my solution: 

Here is the same solution is more legible form: 

I know it's not Quantum Physics or Relativity. It's just elementary high school stuff. Still I am relieved to discover I haven't forgotten everything. Moreover, Problems is General Physics is considered the best book at high school level. I took between 30-45 min and five pages to solve the very first problem! I feel proud! 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

How come my world has become so small

How come my world has become so small
that now I can't see beyond finding work and earning money
I remember when sky was the limit!

How come my world has become so small
that now I am ready to spend decades paying for a tiny patch of land
I remember when the whole universe was mine

How come my world has become so small
that now I can't think of anything but fame, money and sex
I remember when my imagination knew no bounds

How come my world has become so small
that I don't even get out of this room
I remember when for hours everynight I looked at the stars

How come my world has become so small
that I can't find a purpose in life
I remember when the purpose was to build a spaceship and fly as fas as I could

How come my world has become so small
that I spend hours learning how other people say "Hello!"
I remember when I didn't even care about aliens

How come my world has become so small
that instead of reading a physics book
I am seeking solace in poetry!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

A shape based input method for Japanese

After learning Cangjie, I asked several people if they were aware of any shape based input method for Japanese. Always they replied it didn't exist. I asked a couple of Japanese too; same response. Then to my great surprise, I was trying Boshiamy a couple of days ago and accidentally discovered it could type Japanese! 

I haven't been able to locate any Boshiamy tutorials in English so far. So I don't really know how efficient a method it is. Nonetheless, I could type both the Kana and Kanji! What a pity that Cangjie doesn't offer a version for Japanese. 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Off to Delhi

Good morning aliens! 

It's about six in the morning and within a few minutes we (I with my family) will leave off to New Delhi to attend a Satyanarayana Pooja at my sister's. I will also meet my bhanja (son of the daughter of my father's sister) for the first time. He is probably a month old! 

In other news, the infection on my right foot remains. But it's less swollen now than it was on the day before yesterday.

Time to divulge in self-pity: It was a fateful day for my foot. It was pouring like it wouldn't cease until the end of the world. I was lured into leaving the safety of my house and take a leisurely walk outside. I couldn't resist. In fact I was so enchanted I didn't even notice when a satanic insect bit me! 

Let's not overdo it! 

Finally, I am struggling not to give up Chinese.