Saturday, 25 January 2014

This was a pathetic week, and today's plan

It was a bad bad bad week. I didn't learn anything new. Nope. I had finished Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane last week. This week, I read nothing (if you don't count still unfinished The God Delusion). I didn't make any progress in C++, Korean, Writing, Mathematics, and Logic. This was a poor week. 

I am feeling so bad. I have spent three hours watching pornography, one hour walking, and just 30 minutes studying. Those 30 minutes' learning can be summed up in one sentence: Grâce à cette phrase, vous avez déjà un aperçu de la façon dont le coréen, et les Coréens, fonctionnment : il faut éviter au maximum de parler trop directement et surtout de désigner quelqu'un. This is pathetic. 

It is already one o'clock. I have no idea where half the day has disappeared. 

I don't want to spoil what remains of today. Parmod is coming. I will spend a couple of hours with him, fooling around. Then I will go to the library. I will see there what I want to read. It can be history, or logic, or literature (Franz Kafka), or I-don't-know-what! I shall be home before 16:00. I plan to these things in evening: 

  • To complete chapter one of C++: A Beginner's Guide
  • To learn two chapters of Le Coréen Sans Peine and to revise of Sogang University's first five lessons in Novice One
  • To make a plan about how to learn mathematics and logic
  • Talk with Anjuta and Eduardo
  • To learn blog and business writing in English
When all this is done I will write again.