Thursday, 27 September 2012

Problems in General Physics

It finally arrived on Wednesday. I was in Chandigarh for an interview. Returned late that night but on Thursday morning my hands were on Irodov's book! I wasn't hoping to solve even the first problem, I solved three! I know that's not impressive. Nonetheless I am glad that I did better than I was expecting to! 

The first problem reads: 

A motorboat going downstream overcame a raft at a point A; τ = 60 min later it turned back and after some time passed the raft at a distance l = 6 km from the point A. Find the flow velocity assuming the duty of the engine to be constant. 

Here is my solution: 

Here is the same solution is more legible form: 

I know it's not Quantum Physics or Relativity. It's just elementary high school stuff. Still I am relieved to discover I haven't forgotten everything. Moreover, Problems is General Physics is considered the best book at high school level. I took between 30-45 min and five pages to solve the very first problem! I feel proud!