Sunday, 30 September 2012

Canjie + Mozc = a new Japanese input system

I finally figured out how to use Cangjie to type Japanese! No, it's not the best way to input Japanese. It's slow and I won't recommend it to you unless you have plenty of time in your hands and little typing to do.

NOTE: It's not as slow as it looks in the video. My screen recorder consumes so much memory that it makes every other process crawl. 

Cangjie and MOZC for Japanese

NOTEThe video quality is shabby. Blame Blogger for that! (~_^)

What I have done is no brainer. I have used two input systems - MOZC and Cangjie - simultaneously and I constantly toggle between them. A downside of this arrangement is that you are stuck if you have to type Roman characters.

I didn't do it out of laziness. I was trying to create my own ibus-table in the morning. After a couple of hours I had accomplished nothing. But, I had completely messed up my iBus so that all the input methods using tables just vanished. I had to reinstall.