Saturday, 8 September 2012

Off to Delhi

Good morning aliens! 

It's about six in the morning and within a few minutes we (I with my family) will leave off to New Delhi to attend a Satyanarayana Pooja at my sister's. I will also meet my bhanja (son of the daughter of my father's sister) for the first time. He is probably a month old! 

In other news, the infection on my right foot remains. But it's less swollen now than it was on the day before yesterday.

Time to divulge in self-pity: It was a fateful day for my foot. It was pouring like it wouldn't cease until the end of the world. I was lured into leaving the safety of my house and take a leisurely walk outside. I couldn't resist. In fact I was so enchanted I didn't even notice when a satanic insect bit me! 

Let's not overdo it! 

Finally, I am struggling not to give up Chinese.