Friday, 13 September 2013

More foolishness on Punjabi Wikipedia

You fools! You pinheads! You bastards! How could you? When I suggested attaching a Gurmukhi-Shahmukhi converter to the Punjabi Wikipedia you acted as if I had inserted a ten-feet long rod covered in spices into your anus! No, you shouted, Western Punjabi and Eastern Punjabi are two separate languages. ARGHH! You same fools are now experimenting with an automatic Gurmukhi-Devnagri converter! The machine is still in beta and it does not function. But that is beyond point! How dare you think you can impose a script on Punjabi? Shahmukhi has been in use for over eight centuries, Gurmukhi has been in use for nearly four centuries. And Devnagri! You stupid Hindu nationalists! First you took away "jugrafiya" (geography), "klas" (class), "student" (student), khla (universe), and hundreds of other words and replaced them with Hindi/Sanskrit words. Now, you want to impose a script no one uses to write Punjabi! That is insane! But why should I care? Yeah!