Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cangjie and Yahoo! Taiwan

Here is something uber-interesting and I'm tres-excited! We all (at least those who have used 百度 and know a little Chinese) know Baidu is smart enough to understand your pinyin input and then convert that into Chinese characters before searching through its huge database of webpages. What at least I didn't know was, a similar functionality exists in Yahoo! Taiwan. You can input Cangjie codes of characters, and the search engine is so smart that it will present you with search options in Chinese characters. Here is a proof: 

Isn't this exciting? This is super exciting! I want to dance. I wish it rained now! 

By the way, in Cangjie niy ahqm o = 外星人, which literally translates into "foreign star person", or more colloquially into "alien or extraterrestrial."