Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Chinese Reading, Goodbye to traditional characters

Today ends the fourth week of Assimil Chinese with Ease. I had been successfully doing a lesson a day until only a couple of days ago. A sluggishness has crept in in the past two days now. I didn't do today's lesson. Instead I found this. It is a short story aimed at beginners. The title is 问问题 which roughly translates as "Ask a question."

Here is how it goes:



wen wen ti

xiao wang wen xiao li yi ge wen ti. ta wen xiao li zai che shen me. xiao li shuo ta zai che ping guo, ta qing xiao wang ye che yi ge ping guo. xiao wang hen ke qi, ta xie xie xiao li. xiao li shuo bu ke qi.

Ask a question

Xiao Wang asks Xiao Li what he is eating. Xiao li replies he is eating an apple. He offers Xiao Wang an apple. This makes Xiao Wang blush. He thanks Xiao Li. Xiao Li replies you are welcome.

Finally, I am no longer learning Traditional Characters. Albeit I still use Cangjie to write Chinese. I could have gone with Wubi but then I decided to stick with Cangjie. I don't want to spend another month learning a new Input System and Pinyin based IMEs are not for me. 我受仓颉。