Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wikileaks sema saba-yan, ta sema baomi, Stratfor tene

Yan-kwamba Stratfor kampuni, ta tene muito baomi. Na kampuni tene silni, ta sabe muito. Ta kuli, ta kumpul baomi, ta konseyo silni-yan.
Na kampuni kaxe baomi, ta tene. Ce-din Wikileaks sema saba-yan, ta sema  kwasi saba-baomi, na kampuni Stratfor tene.


Wikileaks tells all, it tells secrets, Stratfor possesses

People say Stratfor company, it has many secrets. That company has power, it knows a lot. It words, it gathers secrets, it advises powerful men.

That company hides secrets, it has. This day Wikileaks told all men, it told almost all secrets, that company Stratfor has.


Wikileaks discloses Stratfor secrets

Stratfor is considered an influential company with much sensitive information. With its vast range of operations and influence, it gathers intelligence and consuls the men in power.

It keeps the information it has behind tight vaults. Today, however, Wikileaks made public almost all information the company had.


That's in Neo Patwa. The grammar is non-existent and I was so happy to find there are no verbs, only aspect markers just like in Chinese. Unfortunately I don't think the project is alive any longer... (-_-)