Friday, 4 March 2011

Prient Olivier, som maaf!

Kamo id bahsa ma ne poitto faham meg. Kamo kheisse id ed ne tik bahm malye. :(

When Robert chose Lingwa de Planeta as his preferred language for writing literature in 2010, he also said he was putting learning Sambahsa "on hold" because of "insufficient documentation." He called it the most perfect of all languages he had examined and it was back in June last year. 

Now, we are three months into 2011 and I don't think the situation has improved a lot in terms of documentation. It doesn't mean the author has gone dormant. He continues to translate texts, has made online the second edition of the 12,000-word Sambahsa-English Dictionary and even uploaded a verb conjugator on the internet. In spite of all this I am still finding it hard to learn the language and the possible could be that I've never learned a language with case system. I believe I need to know more about the cases (not just the rules) and for this reason I think it would be better if I learned some Russian and got a taste for how case system functions before picking up Sambahsa again.

Day before yesterday I started learning Russian again and if things go well I should be able to complete the first volume of Learning Russian by Nina Potapova between two to three months. Only then will I start learning Sambahsa again. By the way, I couldn't go past Katakana in Japanese. It's been put to rest too.