Friday, 4 March 2011

Aren't there any Arab Revolts in Iraq?

I'm surprised why it didn't occur to me earlier. It's been almost two months since the Arabs started coming out in the streets with slogans against their leaders. The dictators of Tunisia (I confess I hadn't even heard about the country until a couple of months ago) and Egypt have been forced to resign and it's only a matter of time before Libya's leader goes too.

BBC (I listen to it the most) is gushing about an Arab Awakening and we are being increasingly asked what will happen to the regimes in Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen and Central Asian Republics or Stans

That's fine but did you notice one thing? Where is Iraq? Nobody is talking about it. Is it because the Americans have already installed a pro-people regime there or the media have been signaled to not to touch it?

I can understand the pressure, if there is any, on the BBC but I don't understand why Al Jazeera (my favorite for the past few days) is silent about the events in Iraq. 

Today afternoon I did some search on the situation in Iraq and found an interesting news report on the website of Azzaman, an Iraqi newspaper. The website is in Arabic but you can read the report here in English. I may not be an expert on the politics of Middle-East but I believe I know enough to weed out propaganda from good journalism and this report falls in the latter category.