Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Review of 2014. Goals for 2015.

These were my goals for 2014: 
This year's plans are ambitious. I plan to finish Assimil: Coréen Sans Peine and the Novice One, Two, and Three courses of Sogang University. My goal is to be able to follow newspaper stories in Korean. I plan to read more than 50 books in English - divided unequally among fiction and non-fiction. My desire is to read at least five books in Esperanto, five in Urdu/Hindi, and two in Punjabi.

Aside from languages, I wish to learn so much of C++ so to be able to commit myself to at least one KDE project. I will be focusing on mathematics and logic; and a little computer science.
Twenty-fourteen has come to an end and here is my report car: I read 24 books this year. None of them were in Punjabi or Hindi/Urdu. Twenty-two were in English and two were in Esperanto. I read nearly half the books in November and December and two on Dec. 30 and 31. I quit on Korean to learn Russian. I didn't study Python and I do not plan to study it any time soon. Despite two months' learning (I never studied everyday), my C++ are laughable. Looking at 2014 from this vantage point, I conclude that this year was another spectacular failure. I did not learn anything new; I did not learn new languages. I did not learn how to program. As to my mathematics skills, they continued to rot.

Will 2015 be different?

I don't know. Here are my goals for 2015 and how I plan (This is the only thing that has changed. This time I've a plan) to achieve my goals:

    B2 in Russian and French
    Plan: Study Russian for 40 minutes a day on weekdays and 90 minutes on holidays and weekends. Practice French for 20 minutes a day on weekdays and 40 minutes on holidays and weekends.

    Create a useful program in C++ that can be accepted into the KDE project
    Plan: Practice C++ for at least 60 minutes (preferably 90 minutes) a day. Spend another 60 minutes reading about programming.

    Learn Assembly
    Plan: Don't touch it until June.

    Read extensively; more than 50 books
    Plan: Read for at least an hour a day on weekdays and eight hours on weekends.

    Continue to improve your English
    Plan: Same as above. Watch PBS documentaries.

    Improve your writing
    Plan: Read books on grammar and writing. Start contributing to the KDE, other open source projects and Wikipedia. Update this blog at least once a week.

    Finish a book each in Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu
    Plan: Manage to spend an hour with any of these languages on weekends.