Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Plan for the month of June

After six months and 18 days, I am not making progress in Korean. I am not learning Russian. I have not taken my first steps into programming. I have read less than 10 books. The results speak for themselves - I have failed as an autodidact and as a language learner. 

I have five months and 12 days left before 2014 ends. I want to make the most of this time. 

Instead of making long-term, vague plans, I will focus on concrete short-term goals. I do not know what I will do in July but here is what I plan to do in June: 

Books I will finish:
  • How Music Works; John Powell
  • Dragon's Egg; Robert L Forward
  • On Writing; Stephen King
  • Is That A Fish In Your Ear?: David Bellos
  • Assimil Chinese with Ease (revision of first 40 lessons)
  • Assimil Russian with Ease (one lesson a day)
  •  No plan. 
  • Head First Programming - Beginning Programming With Python  (three-four lessons)
I will write another post on June 30. It will be my report card.