Saturday, 27 July 2013

First e-mail in Punjabi

"Yago told truth! This day will always be remembered."

A shocked Genie tells Aladdin. That was a long time ago, when Disney Hour was my favourite television series. I do not watch television any longer - except for occasional play of BBC World or Al Jazeera. I am digressing! 

I will remember today because today is the day when I received an e-mail in Punjabi - for the first time. 

The sender is a scientist, a Wikipedia editor, a polyglot, and a Punjabi language lover. Here is what he says -

He says he is elated (his words, not mine!) to have received an e-mail from me. He says he used to have an inferiority complex - because he spoke Punjabi, but no longer. He is learning Russian and Arabic, and he speaks a little Chinese. He asks me if I can help in the improvement of the Punjabi Wikipedia. And, he talks about a rightist member who is making life difficult for many people.

Interesting! Isn't it?