Friday, 18 January 2013

Italian Wikipedia to cross one million mark this week

It's been about three weeks since I wrote last time on this blog. I didn't have any thing worthwhile to talk about. I gave up Persian in December, then learnt grade one Kanji and a couple of dozen Kanji from grade two and stopped there, then dabbled into Chinese again only to end up reading an erotic novel in Esperanto.

I am not going to brood about my failures because there is something more interesting happening on Wikipedia.

The Italian Wikipedia now has over 998,500 articles. It's only 1,500 short of the coveted one million mark. The numbers for December 2012 aren't out but this chart shows 357 new articles were being added to the Italian Wikipedia every day during November last year. If that figure is still close to the current rate we should see the Italian version crossing the one million mark within the next four to five days. (1500 / 357 = 4.2)

Following the Italian Wikipedia in article count is the Spanish one. It currently has over 959,000 articles. The latest numbers (Nov. 2012) put the rate of creation of new articles at 260. It needs 41,000 new articles to reach the one million mark. At current rate, it should be there in five to six months.

There is also the Russian Wikipedia which is growing by 423 new articles a day. (Nov 2012) There are currently over 954,000 articles on it. Divide the articles it needs by 423 and it is well on its way to become the fifth (if the rate of creation of new articles doesn't abate) Wikipedia, possibly ahead of the Spanish version, with a million articles within the next four months.

Finally we have the Polish Wikipedia which is churning out new articles at 204/day. (Dec. 2012) It currently has over 944,000 articles. This means we will have to wait until very late this year to see this version go past the 1,000,000 mark.

The Japanese and Portuguese versions are huge too but I don't think they will make it into the Wikipedias with 1,000,000+ articles category this year.