Friday, 12 October 2012

Jambo! 拜拜漢語!Al Jazeera in French

Not again! I am making no progress in Chinese. Not because I am stuck in grammar or the vocabulary is huge or the writing system is different... I am no longer interested. It always happens like this. After a couple of months (this time it lasted for over six months) I give up the language. If I can't counter this tendency of mine, I will never ever be a polyglot. :(

But there is no need to brood about this. You can spend hours thinking about yourself, as if you were special, and still not comprehend a bit of it. Anyway, I am now focusing on Swahili. (Don't laugh!) I can already say: 

Jambo! Habari gani? Ninatumia Linux. Yangu distribution(?) Fedora. Unataka Ubuntu Linux? 
La, sitaki Linux. Ninataka Mac au Windows.

(Hi! How are you? I use Linux. My distribution is Fedora. Do you want [to try] Ubuntu Linux? 
No, I don't want Linux. I want either Mac or Windows.)

I have also deciphered the popular Swahili phrase 'Hakuna matata.'

ha- = negation prefix
kuna = there is / there are
matata = problem

So the literal translation is 'There are no problems.' and colloquially... well... you all know what it means! :D

Finally, I just came across something very interesting. Al Jazeera is going to launch a French service by the end of this year and it has chosen to set up its French language centre in Paris (oops!) Dakar, the Senegalese capital.