Monday, 17 February 2014

Tiu ĉi blogo ŝanĝiĝos ! - 363 days.

Life has become more thrilling.


I talked to a friend today. We are going to be "entrepreneurs", he says. That's is a big word. I will stick with my old friend 'merchants.'

The idea is simple - there are not many (we couldn't find even six) online stores selling fountain pens. We have decided to jump in and create India's best online store for pen lovers. He will do all the talk. My job will be to write and research. I am not a people's man.

I do not know if it is the right decision. There are times when I think how come I am finding myself in a position where I have to stoop so low. I have never held businesses in high esteem. I may have to change.

My lunch was at Parmod's. We talked to his brother-in-law. He has promised to talk about me to an editor at a big English daily.


I studied Korean. I read an article Indignación en India por la retirada de un libro sobre hinduismo on El Pais. I didn't do any maths. No programming. No logic. 


She is capricious. She is religious. She is orthodox. She is a firm believer in sexual dimorphism. Yet, I am falling in love with her because she cares for me. I asked her this Friday if she would be my Valentine. She has asked me to wait for twelve months, come again next year, and say the same words. If I can do that, she says, it will prove I really love her. 

Here is what she says: 

mi respektas via opiniojn kaj sentimentojn. tial mi ne parolos al vi - "vi ne pravas". sed mi ŝatas nedisŝirebla, fortika sensojn. tial, mi volas proponi al vi" 

se vi amas min - vi estos mia amiko, kaj tio jaro mi volas vidas en vi - nur amiko. Se vi post jaro amos min - mi parolos - 'jes, li amas min'

I have agreed. It will be an interesting experiment. If it is real love, it will stick around. If it is not, it wasn't worth bothering over in the first place.

New strategy 

I will continue to learn Korean. I will pick up Russian in August or September. This strategy has twofold advantages. Korean will teach me discipline and make the learning of Russian easier. The way to her heart is paved with Russian words.

I will complete Swokowski and Larson's Precalculus in three months.

I will continue to improve my writing skills. No more fooling around at work.

I need more time. If I am not comfortable, I will tell that to Rishabh. There will be no business, then.

Finally, I will write a blog post everyday. This blog has been turned into a diary.