Thursday, 25 April 2013

Nonsense post

I hurt three people today. First I hurt a client. He needed work. I didn't want to work for him. I bluntly refused. :( Second I hurt my landlord. He wanted to find a name for his son and I said I was busy. He came again. I offered him a dongle and said I was busy. :( Third I didn't rephrase an essay for my younger sister. She has an exam tomorrow. :( I can find excuses. The client was exploiting so I did the right thing. I merely asked for market rates. The landlord is very proud of his property (which belongs to his father) and thinks of me as lesser-human because I am poor. I took revenge. The sister didn't study when there was time. It is her fault. Ho. This is how I can free myself of all the guilt I am feeling. But these arguments are not working. And an incident is making me feel worse.

For no particular reason I started looking for her on Facebook. As I don't have an account there I used my cousin's ID. I know the password. She has updated. After a few months. The 6!+Ch is posing with her phone and pretending to wear a diamond ring. Stupid. This is making me sadder. I thought she was out. But she isn't. It may be because I haven't found another girl since she dumped me. Or that I really love her. I don't love anyone. So the second hypothesis is baseless. Another girl and I am damn sure I won't even think about her. 

Ha ha ha! I have downloaded her latest photo from Facebook. Bitchu! Ha. Now I am feeling better. Two paragraphs. Writing is doing its job. Ha ! Cry. No I don't want to. a;sdjjjjjjjjj